Asist Construction; set out to realize contemporary modern projects of today and the future; is a company that works with the aim of creating privileged, happy and safe living spaces, giving importance to nature and people, using its own resources in its projects, completing the legal infrastructure in accordance with the zoning regulations, and offering living spaces that have been licensed and inhabited.

Our company, with its staff specialized in urban transformation, with inexhaustible energy and excitement, has focused on the construction of more livable, safe, comfortable buildings and facilities in the most beautiful and central points of the city, while realizing this goal, it is innovative, paying attention to the expectations and needs of its customers, and valid. is a company that has succeeded in keeping its business ethics at the highest level while adopting the motto of responding quickly to changing customer expectations by providing quality service in accordance with legal regulations and specifications.



To carry our people to the future by using modern architecture and technology at the highest level.
To create solid structures and living spaces suitable for the architectural texture of the city.
To contribute to the creation of a contemporary and modern Turkey.
To be among the most reliable companies in Turkey.
To make our employees proud of being a respected member of Assist Structure.
To be a leading construction company in the construction industry.



To keep customer focus and customer satisfaction at the highest level.
To develop environmental awareness and to create environment-friendly living spaces.
To reach better and more perfection by pushing our performance and limits.
To reduce accidents and injuries to zero by saying safety first, to implement occupational health and safety policies at a high level.
To provide respectful service to the ideas of our customers who care about details.


Loft by Asistanbull

Located in Kargıcak, which is the popular villa area of Alanya, Infinity gets free of the apartments nearby. The villa has a dominant position over Mediterranean Sea at the South and reclines against the mountain view at the North. Location of infinity is 20 min. away from Gazipaşa which is the closest airport in the area and 10 min. to the city center. Highly accessible from Antalya Airport with a 1,5 hour drive and distant enough from anything at the same time where you can find peace.

Our Address Information
Alanya Merkez