8 Reasons to Live in Antalya

8 reasons to live in Antalya

Located in the Mediterranean region of Turkey, Antalya is an attractive city with beautiful seaside resorts. Antalya, which is called the citrus capital of the country for its production, is the second city that attracts the most foreign visitors after Istanbul. According to the official data of the state, Antalya ranks second among the provinces that sell the most housing to foreigners. Therefore, if you spend a certain time in the city of Antalya, you are likely to hear more than one language in daily life. So, why do foreign guests like Antalya more than other cities in Turkey?


Climate of Antalya
Turkey is a country where different climatic zones meet. Antalya is located in a region with a temperate climate. In the Mediterranean climate, which includes Antalya, the summers are hot and the winters are warm and rainy. The rainy season is usually between January and March. That means spending 9 months happily outside.

Antalya is one of the rare cities where you can dine outdoors in all seasons, swim in the sea in the cold season, walk around comfortably in short-sleeved clothes in March, and get a tan in July and August. This perfect climate has other factors besides entertainment. According to those who visit Antalya, this climate is also good for various diseases and skin diseases. In addition, the ideal climate prompts the people of Antalya to be more active and lead a healthier life.

Daily living expenses
According to Numbeo, which compares the daily living costs by country, Antalya is 12% cheaper than the center of Istanbul and 43% cheaper than London, the capital of England. The affordable cost offers foreign guests a good old age opportunity in Antalya.

Fresh and healthy food
Speaking of being healthy, it is impossible not to mention Turkey's food culture. Unlike the fast food culture in other countries, Turkey still embraces the values ​​of cooking and eating fresh food. This means eating the healthiest foods with the best ingredients. It is normal to see appetizers such as salad plate, fruit and snacks at every meal.

Active international and domestic flights all year round
Although Antalya Airport is one of the most crowded and busiest airports in the country, it has won many awards and reputation with its well-planned and successful employees. With weekly domestic and international flights, guests can visit the rest of the country and even the world. There are hourly flights at the airport, which attracts visitors from hundreds of nations, especially in the summer months. Even in winter, flights to other holiday destinations such as Bodrum and Dalaman are stopped, while air traffic continues at full speed at Antalya train station.

Natural beauties
Antalya; It offers an unforgettable experience to its visitors with its natural beauties, mountains, sea, historical places and must-see places.

friendly people
Local people are very friendly towards foreigners, as Antalya is the second most visited tourist destination in Turkey.

Endless shopping opportunity
If you want to shop for groceries, home decorations or clothes for your personal change on a weekly basis in Antalya, you will never have a hard time finding an option. It attracts visitors from all over the world with its wide product range. However, it is possible to see local markets and shops even in Antalya, where large supermarkets spread even to the surrounding towns and villages.

The breadth of the real estate offer in Antalya
Foreign guests living in Antalya can find all kinds of properties, from apartments to luxury villas. Guests can own a dream apartment or villa by the sea with average prices starting from 60,000 Euros. This situation offers foreign guests an excellent real estate investment opportunity in Antalya.

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