5 Reasons to Live in Alanya

You won't feel like a stranger
Alanya is the district where Antalya is most intertwined with tourism. Since the main income source of these districts is coastal tourism, local people have embraced tourism and foreign guests. It is not disturbed by the social impact of tourism and foreign guests. Locals are very respectful to foreigners.

Alanya season
Antalya is located in a region with a temperate climate. In the Mediterranean climate, including Alanya, summers are hot, winters are warm and rainy.
In Alanya, you can have breakfast with the sea view in the morning, sunbathe on the clean beach at noon, try local dishes in a nice restaurant in the evening and participate in cultural events.

Healthy lifestyle
Another important aspect of Mediterranean life is a fresh and healthy diet. Fertile soil conditions favor abundant vegetables such as tomatoes and cucumbers and make local weekly farmers' markets a part of the community.

Affordable real estate prices, long-term investments
Prices of luxury apartments for sale by the sea in Alanya start from 100,000 Euros with 2 bedrooms. With stunning ocean views and cutting-edge decor and design, you'll find the perfect living space.
Alanya real estate market, which offers affordable prices compared to many other countries, can be considered as a very good investment tool as it constantly develops.

Transport infrastructure
Alanya visitors use Antalya Airport or Gazipaşa Airport, both of which are state-of-the-art, modern and efficient transportation hubs. Domestic and international flights throughout the year make transportation much easier.

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